I have enough travel photos and stories to last months, maybe years but lets take it easy. I’ve written a list of everywhere i’ve been, categorised by date and yes there’s multiples and yes there will be different blogs. I’m going to try and write a blog for everywhere I’ve visited but lets see how it goes. If you see a link next to a location click on it and immerse yourself in another world.

Here’s to throwback Thursdays and the exciting memories they bring.


Verona, Italy – 6th till 9th March

Salzburg, Austria – 2nd till 6th March

Munich, Germany – 27th February till 2nd March

Dresden, Germany – 24th till 27th February

Prague, Czech Republic – 21st till 24th February

Krakow, Poland – 18th till 21st February

Warsaw, Poland – 15th till 18th February

Vilnius, Lithuania – 12th – 15th February

Riga, Latvia – 8th – 12th February

Tallinn, Estonia – 3rd till 8th February

Helsinki, Finland – 6th till 7th February

Oslo, Norway – 31st January till 3rd February

Copenhagen, Denmark – 28th till 31st January

Glasgow, Scotland – 13th and 14th January


Geneva, Switzerland – 9th till 12th December

Chamonix, France – 11th December

Berlin, Germany – 27th till 30th October

Cardiff, Wales – 8th till 10th October

Melbourne, Australia – 17th till 21st August

Gold Coast, Australia – 12th till 17th August

Stockholm, Sweden – 23rd till 26th June

Madrid, Spain – 10th till 13th June

Belfast, Ireland – 5th till 8th April

Bratislava, Slovakia –

Vienna, Austria –

Budapest, Hungry –


Shannon/Galway, Ireland –

Melbourne, Australia –

Cardiff, Wales-

Tuscany, Italy –

Marrakech, Morocco –

Paris, France – The Corners Of Paris Paris’ revenge is to live

Moved to London – 14th April 2015 (before this date I was living in Melboure, Australia)



Toowoomba, Australia –

Byron Bay, Australia –

Rome, Italy –

Venice, Italy –

Mykonos,, Greece –

Athens, Greece –

Ephesus (Izmir), Turkey –

Istanbul, Turkey –

Rome, Italy –

Pompeii/ Sorrento, Italy –

Pisa, Italy –

Toulon, France –

Barcelona, Spain

Milan, Italy –

Barcelona, Spain –

Antigua, Guatemala –

Panajachel, Guatemala

Lanquin (semuc champay), Guatemala –

Primavera Del Ixan, Guatemala –  Primavera Del Ixan; Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala –


San Ignacio, Belize –

Caye Caulker, Belize –

Los Angeles, USA –

Christchurch, New Zealand –

Dunedin, New Zealand –

Phuket, Thailand –

Hong Kong,

Dalian, China –

Shenyung, China –


Santorini, Greece –

Athens, Greece –


Singapore, Republic of Singapore –

London, England –

Taunton, England –


Dubai, United Arab Emirates –

Taunton, England –


Paris, France –

Montpelliar, France –

Toulouse, France

Lyon, France –

Paris, France –

Seoul, South Korea –


Malta, –

Dublin, Ireland –

London, England, –


Hong Kong


Fiji –

Arizona, USA –

Los Angeles, USA –




Hong Kong,

Beijing, China

Dalian, China –

Rome, Italy –

Paris, France –

San Sebastian, Spain –

Barcelona, Spain –

Edinburgh, Scotland –

Glasgow, Scotland

London, England


New York City, New York –

Washington DC, Maryland –

Los Angeles, USA

Arizona, USA

Honolulu , Hawaii, USA




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