Family > budget

Many people over the last week have decided to let me know that my choice to go visit my family with my own money is stupid. They claim it's a stupid waste of money when i'm not even spending that long at home anyway. I don't need you're opinion because i'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for... Continue Reading →


Airport > Reality

I'm back to one of my favourite places in the world at this moment, might seem weird considering i'm at London's major international airport; Heathrow. The one thing i've noticed about myself over the years is that i feel at peace surrounded by the bustling of airport patrons, I feel at ease to write, write... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Days…

Good health is more than just exercise and diet. It’s really a point of view and a mental attitude you have about yourself. -Albert Schweitzer One of my friends Patrick, had been given the same deal as his two older siblings, the same that his two younger ones will get. Every semester they are given a... Continue Reading →

Living is the best revenge

It's taken a few days for me to compile my thoughts and my emotions before writing this post. Paris was the city that inspired me to travel, that inspired me to step out and be the person I want to be. I was in Paris mere months ago not long after the Charlie Hebdo attacks,... Continue Reading →

To Travel is to live

The one thing I most desire to do with my life is to travel the world and learn from the many cultures that shape it. Travelling creates a constant freedom over yourself allowing you to view, participate and experience an endless list of things that may seem impossible at home. To travel is to finally... Continue Reading →

“Get home safe, alright?”

My parents, probably the most relaxed, caring, loving people in the world always had one rule. One very specific rule that looking back on it, i probably shouldn't have disregarded. It was simply telling them where i was, and if it was late that i arrived safely. My teen years were full of parties and... Continue Reading →

To the Question I never answered

"Do you not think that you're schooling will impair with your future? You say you had all the freedom in the world, texting teachers and missing classes for meetings, how will you adjust to strict time management skills. How do you think you'll fit into a corporate company or a hierarchy when you've known everything but?"... Continue Reading →

Just write

I struggled for so long on what to write but then as I sat in my room at 2am I realised it doesn’t matter what I write but only that I write. Writing was my passion, and for so long it was all I would do. Nothing was important enough to drag my attention away,... Continue Reading →

Comfortable in your own skin

A part of the human condition is being somewhat alone, stuck in your own bubble of solitude. You can always try to label why you are a little bit empty; maybe it's because the people you surround yourself with don't know you well enough; maybe you simply can't find 'the person' to enjoy your happiness... Continue Reading →

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