why do I travel?

The question of the day; why do I love to travel?

I could give the totally honest but typical answer that it allows be to experience and learn about the culture and history of a new place. Which understandably is completely true, i’m a history nerd, I love learning the history of the places I visit. However, this isn’t the reason I travel.

I travel to find myself in each and every city that I find.

I travel because I feel at home no matter where I am, give me my notebook and a coffee and i’ll happily sit for days.

I travel because of the side streets that hold the little secrets to a city.

I travel because the friends you make are incredible.

It’s a complicated thing, travelling gives you the opportunities to grow as an individual person but sometimes it also alienates you from the people you love most. This current trip has brought my mum and I so much closer because I can email her about the places I’ve seen, the streets I’ve walked and because she’s done it before she relates, she’s interested and focused but I’ve found it hard to express the absolute wonderfulness of this world to my friends who haven’t experienced it, they can’t picture the little cobblestone streets in Denmark or the medieval towns in Italy. You can’t compare a place to someone who’s never seen it or experienced it.

I’ve always struggled with sharing my experieces with my friends without gloating, my parents provided me with millions of opportunities that I know so many people I love didn’t have the chance with, I felt bad, as if I was rubbing in my experiences and that soured my love for awhile because I felt guilty if I tried to share it. Now that i’m paying for everything that i’m doing, that it’s not all 5 star hotels and beach side resorts but dodgy hostels and shared rooms, my friends are more open to listen. Maybe because they know that they can also do this, that my experiences can effect if they stay in this place or stop by this town for a coffee, all my little experiences are now ones I can authentically pass on that everyone can do it.

I travel because  life is bigger than just myself.






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