Hello Darlings

Hello Darlings,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that wasn’t a messy travel journal in between adventures, which were probably missing most of the details.

Life had been crazy, wonderful, busy and enchanting. The past 2 years away from Australia was so much more than I could ever expect. 

Unlike what many people believe, moving to London wasn’t a rash decision it was a dream I had had for years. However a dream and decision without many plans with only a short to do list that included visiting my two wonderful best friends Dea and Oli, Seeing as many new places as physically possible and being happy. What wasn’t on my to do list was make it home; I wasn’t meant to fall in love with a city, with a life, that I knew I would never be able to keep.

I made friends; best friends; family. There is so many things that I’m already missing after a few weeks away that I can’t imagine never doing again. I can’t imagine no more Sunday brunches at Daisy Green or Wednesday nights on the couch with Kara and Bindy watching the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars. No more seeing my favourite people day in or day out; hell I don’t know when i’ll see them next let alone all of them together.

London was full of opportunities, wow that is so cliché, but it’s true! The things I did learnt, did and experienced would’ve never been possible back home. People, absolute strangers gave me chances that I wasn’t experienced in at all. What city would allow you to work at London Fashion Weekend, go on business trips to Ireland and trust a 19-year-old to manage Press and Marketing for a Fashion company with no experience.

SO here’s to life post London (PL) with all my stories from 710 days, to be exact, of madness, to starting university 2.5 years late knowing exactly what I want to do, and returning to friends that are still there for me even though I’m terrible at keeping in contact. (SORRY SORRY SORRY BUT YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU)

Here’s to me not losing myself in the memories of 17-year-old me.

Madi xxx


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