Experience vs University

I’m back and bring with me one of the classic debates of our time; whats more important, University or experience (life or field). Growing up I always saw university as being the most important aspect in becoming adult, that without a degree you can’t make it anywhere.This was not an ideal passed on to me, with Dad somehow falling into teaching whilst studying History and Philosophy and my sister falling into becoming an incredibly talented renowned tattoo artist because she was young and good at art. I grew up knowing you could achieve anything you wanted through so many different pathways but for some reason university stuck with me as the be all end all.

Now at 19, an executive in PR and Press for a British fashion company, with no experience, contacts or real idea of what i’m doing, i’m happy. I’m constantly learning, teaching myself and vying to prove to everyone that I can do it. Let me explain that i didn’t actually apply for this job, I started as a receptionist 5 months ago and as our old PR exec left to pursue bigger and better things we were left with a hole that was struggling to fill. Instead of leaving the desk empty and gathering dust whilst the whole department withered away, I stepped up slowly taking over more and more responsibility whilst still managing the office and receptionist duties. a bit much? yes. Would i change it? no.

I believe that experience comes with guidance, that to truly know what i’m doing i need, even for a little bit, for someone to guide me along and help me see all the underground work that needs to be done before I can go off on my own. Like a child learning to walk a parent must first hold their hand and teach them how to bend their knees and balance themselves before letting them run off solo.

However, since i don’t have the option of being taught first hand i’m using my extensive knowledge of independence, bull-shitting and making it up as i go to get me through but isn’t that life.

I love it and yes maybe having university behind me it would be a little less bull-shitting and more reassurance but if i had gone to university i would still be spending the majority of this year and next still behind a school desk working minimum wage part-time and wishing i was doing something proactive. This is me doing what i do best, loving what i do and not spending my life waiting for the future to come.

If you wanted to be a doctor then please go to university, please don’t bullshit but otherwise make your career your own way, you don’t have to follow the path others have created just because it’s the ‘norm’.


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