Being an Adult…

I’m an adult but I’m not a fully functioning adult, and yes that’s a thing.

Growing up all I wanted to be was an adult, apparently the 10-17 year old me found my life too difficult and I couldn’t wait till I was an adult; being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. My mum and dad made everything seem so easy, they worked, they raised two kids, did chores, travelled and had social lives; way to raise my life expectations! (This is the part where I mention I want to move back in with my parents)

As a young person I always thought once I became an adult and moved out my life would somehow become so much easier that I would be able to have my favourite food for dinner every night and no one would yell at me for a messy room, I’d have a flexible dream job that would allow me to travel and wear gorgeous clothes with an awesome inner-city apartment. Life’s never going to be as easy as you dream, your life is not like a TV show or movie; you have chores to do, bad hair days, fluctuating weight and more days than not where you just want to curl up in your duvet and watch Netflix all day…

Movies show after work glasses/bottles of wine as a practical way to wash away the days stress but in reality it means I’m stumbling to the office the next morning in my jeans and a giant sweater, very out of my normal style of flirty skirts and print dresses. Thankfully I do work for a pretty casual company that boasts individuality and a less than corporate style, however anyone at the office will be fast to point out that when I’m dressed down my moods down. Not even attempting to present myself as a functioning member of society.

But as a child I wasn’t able to have pizza 5 nights in a row, I wasn’t able to drink a bottle of wine on a school/work night and I definitely was not able to get on a random plane on a Friday and turn back up on a Sunday night no questions asked so no matter how hard it is and how many times i get it wrong. I wouldn’t want to change it for anything.

So I’ve decided to start blogging on ‘Being an Adult’ and all the things I do wrong, need to learn from or ideas to stop future mistakes, and if anyone wants to pipe in on how being an adult works for them I’m all ears and all up for suggestions.



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