being an adult …. the hangover at work addition

Being an adult is waking up and going to work, and acting like the fully-functioning adult you probably should be by now. My attempt at being a capable adult came to a roaring halt today and it’s probably due to the fact that since i’m still not accustomed to the idea that even after a raging bender I will have to get up and will have things that require me to be productive.

It means that even through your rampaging hangover you don’t turn off your alarm, you have enough time to look some-what presentable and you go to work. It means that although you’ve thrown up 2 times before you arrived to work you suck it up and live through it. Being an adult is knowing that if you’re going to party and drink all night long with a 6am alarm you better be partying with the office because they’ll be in the same boat all day.

Thankfully that’s exactly what I did.

It’s Friday morning and after 5 hours sleep I’m rolling out of bed to the sound of marimba going off for the third time in 10 minutes, running for the toilet and hopping in a quick shower. I brush on a layer too many of make-up praying that I don’t look as bad as I feel so I add some glittery eyeshadow to attempt to look like the queen I am internally. I throw my hair up in a awfully messy ballerina bun because it’s greasy and washing and drying it would’ve meant less sleep. I pull on a floral summer dress even though it’s 6 degrees outside because I haven’t checked the weather and it looks like the sun will come out (may I remind you I live in London and it’s still April). A non-successful attempt at breakfast leaves me leaning over the toilet and then rushing out the door to the laughter of my flatmates (obviously I brushed my teeth first). Whilst my boss is out of the office today I text Sophie that I may be late explaining my misfortune and making sure she doesn’t gloat all day for choosing to drink soft drinks all night, I did allow her an hour to do so. As the second person into the office I slowly get to see everyone else drag themselves to their desks late and in just as awful positions as me. The day slowly moves on some people start to feel better whilst some only get worse and worse, I on the other hand am stuck in the middle going through hourly phases of getting better and then oh so worse again. A constant reminder that I probably shouldn’t be allowed to be an adult.

I was stuck in complete despair all day until all my e-commerce friends from the top floor decided to stop by my desk with all the photos and videos that I had consciously pushed to the back of my mind. Aimee our lovely social media gal even found a video of me making her promise that none of this would end up on our companies Facebook/Instagram/twitter etc due to too much consumption of alcohol. Thankfully this promise was kept.

Being an adult isn’t the easiest thing in the world, hell it’s difficult AF but it turns out that it’s all based on your decisions, so since I went out and went hard on a Thursday night I’m still paying for it but I have no one to blame but myself*.


*technically I also partly blame work because I hadn’t slept the night before due to my flight home from my work trip being delayed.


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