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Many people over the last week have decided to let me know that my choice to go visit my family with my own money is stupid. They claim it’s a stupid waste of money when i’m not even spending that long at home anyway. I don’t need you’re opinion because i’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for me and i’m doing it for my family.

I paid 755 Pounds for a return trip, during the christmas period from London, England to Melbourne, Australia. In all it’s not that much. It’s not that much when you consider it’s the authorised of the world, takes over 24 hours, and people willingly pay 300 pounds from London to Spain.

The other issue that Other people have with my choice is that i’m going during christmas time but not actually staying for christmas. Fair enough, it’s probably crossed a lot of peoples minds, but lets start from the beginning.

I’m going to Australia to surprise my father, who has raised me for almost two decades, Seventieth birthday. 70! Born 12th December 1945, to put that into perspective, that’s the same year World War 2 ended! It’s also probably the same age as most of your grandparents, another story for another time, none the less my dad has reached a milestone in his life and no matter what i will be there to celebrate it with him. Maybe if i was still playing to go home in January i wouldn’t have minded as much and might have waited it out till then, but for the foreseeable future i’m not visiting till August 2016 for another milestone.

My Dad means the world to me, has allowed me to venture the world and grow independently, he’s had a really hard life especially the past 10 years having been diagnosed, re-diagnosed and gone into remission 5 times (give or take one, it gets harder to keep track of). That’s not an easy thing to do, hell that’s the hardest thing my family has had to go through, and all through that my dad still supported me to follow my dreams and strive to reach my personal best in everything. If that doesn’t show resilience and strength, than i don’t know what will!

At this point Dad has no clue i’m arriving, neither does my brother, sister, cousins, grandparents, aunties, uncles, nieces or nephew. The few people that do know, is mum (who has helped me plan it all, and i really can’t keep a secret from her), my Brother Jake (so i can make him help me out, and he buys a joint present for us {i spent all this money on a flight, he can help pay for a present}) and a few of my closest friends. So in 29 hours, i will be knocking on my front door with dad probably crying which will lead to a chain reaction of mum and I crying, hanging out with my dad whilst mum and jake are at work and then having our first family dinner in 8 months.

So hell yes i spent an large sum of money for 10 days, but i’d do it all over again, no questions asked.


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