Airport > Reality

I’m back to one of my favourite places in the world at this moment, might seem weird considering i’m at London’s major international airport; Heathrow. The one thing i’ve noticed about myself over the years is that i feel at peace surrounded by the bustling of airport patrons, I feel at ease to write, write for a long time with no worries to time or what’s going on in the outside world.

the Airport, much like a plane is my own cocoon, I choose to completely detach from reality for the time being and have no guilt to my complete waste of a day or two. It’s the one of the few times that in your life you have absolute control of what your doing without having your subconscious yelling at you for being lazy and neglecting duties/chores/life. I sit with my laptop and my headphones and some (i mean lots) of junk food, sometimes fruit if i’m feeling healthy and relax. It’s not about being comfortable, we all know economy is one of life’s brutal tasks but it’s something we endure for reason, a very good reason at that, it’s about peace of mind.

The prices of food are really expensive, duty free’s not all that cheaper and the few shops are some of the most expensive high class fashion boutiques that cater to 5% of the airports customers. If you think i could even afford to go into Chanel or Burberry, I would definitely be flying premium if not business and would be spending my few hours in the airport avoiding the madness in a airport lounge with free food and all necessities.

Airports try to lure the tourists into the trap of “OMG IT’S CHEAPER! YOU CAN TOTALLY NOW AFFORD IT.” Lies all lies, any duty free you don’t pay, they claim back, so really you’re just helping them make more money. Right minded people will always know that anything worth buying is better saved for their destination and not a ridiculously expensive souvenir thats made in china that depicts the most stereotypical version of the country.

I’m at the airport, off to go surprise some very important people, so exciting that i’m probably going to cry. Truth is i’m probably going to cry more than twice but i’m extremely happy, in a mentally happy place and figuratively. I just really love airports, no matter the extra prices and annoying tourists.


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