To Travel is to live

The one thing I most desire to do with my life is to travel the world and learn from the many cultures that shape it. Travelling creates a constant freedom over yourself allowing you to view, participate and experience an endless list of things that may seem impossible at home. To travel is to finally free yourself from the monotonous routine of life and replace it with priceless memories and adventures.

Ever since I was young, ‘Travelling’ has been one of my favourite words in my vocabulary. I’ve definitely not done it all but from road trips through Europe to volunteering in third world countries, dodgy hostels and elaborate suites. My parents instilled within me a passion for everything but predictability and for that I’m forever grateful, as it allows me to step back and look at the whole picture, the good, the bad and the side that’s hidden.

Travelling alone releases you from all the confines of who you used to be, there’s no pretence of character or charade of what you enjoy. Most of all you find the people that have, just like you, packed up in pursuit of something more.

When I left Australia in search of the unknown over 6 months ago, I left behind friends, family and stability. I also left behind friends that I knew I wouldn’t be coming back to, whether it is my choice or theirs, I knew as soon as I stepped away that it would be over. I left behind the people who tried to make me feel bad about leaving or belittling all my choices. You grow, mature and find out who you really are without having to

You constantly face the judgement of people who don’t understand, the people who hide behind personal issues. From both people I care about and people who don’t understand my passions or me, I have come across some of the most ignorant, sexist and disrespectful questions and comments but that doesn’t stop me. That doesn’t stop me from getting on the plane, from saying goodbye to comfort and security and it most certainly doesn’t stop me from living my life the way I want to.

You will find like-minded people, those searching for better lives, adventure, inspiration and understanding, those that come from all stages of life that you relate to. You will learn the world is smaller than you could ever imagine, constantly finding people you knew or that you share a friend with in the smallest alleyways. You also learn you could spend weeks getting lost in a city, knowing you could never walk every step twice even given a lifetime.

Right now, at 18 years of age living on the other side of the world alone, I’ve been to 6 continents, 23 Countries and countless cities. But I’m just beginning.


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