Living is the best revenge

It’s taken a few days for me to compile my thoughts and my emotions before writing this post. Paris was the city that inspired me to travel, that inspired me to step out and be the person I want to be. I was in Paris mere months ago not long after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, i wrote this entry.

“Paris is a city that you have to visit twice, if not more. The first is to see the basic main attractions the things that really draw tourists to the depths, buy the expensive souvenirs and eat all the famous food. The second time is to skip all that. Definitely go back to the places you’re in love with, the ones that hold memories and dreams but now you can spend your time enjoying the true french culture; in and out of boutique galleries, local markets and avoiding as many tourists as possible.

I can’t remember all the details from my first trip to Paris besides a few blurred home videos and some family photographs. I was 7 and officially in love with a city.

The second time, I remember all to well, I was 14 a teenage girl going through puberty and in the city of love with her best friends. I thought i knew everything there was to know about the city of lights. I cried going up the Tour de Eiffel and was faced with indecent exposure by the man next to me on the subway. I can still remember the smell of the croissants in the morning from the bakery across the street.

The third, definitely not the last, is now, April 2015. It’s the first time I ever ventured to a country for a holiday alone. It’s been the most liberating, peaceful, joyous break I could’ve asked for. It was early mornings and freshly baked pastries, fruit markets and picnics in gardens, it was the back streets and family restaurants.”

Paris is the city of many things, and fear, fear is not and will never be one of them. The French, they stick together, they rally during hardship and stand in the way of evil. What has happened to Paris is a sick attempt to create fear in the western world, but Parisians know that they will be the ones standing. They will be back enjoying life like intended, drinking wine and partying all night because that’s who they are. That’s their culture and no one can take that away from them.

We don’t need a III World War, or attacks on civilians, we might need combat but not as revenge or war. The terrorists have one mission, to ruin our way of life and out happiness, not impose their own just ruin owns. Fear is their greatest asset and can manipulate and try all they won’t but in the end, our revenge is to live and love.


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