To the Question I never answered

“Do you not think that you’re schooling will impair with your future? You say you had all the freedom in the world, texting teachers and missing classes for meetings, how will you adjust to strict time management skills. How do you think you’ll fit into a corporate company or a hierarchy when you’ve known everything but?”

A few months ago i was asked by my dad, with a few of my friends, to attend his university class of student teachers and discuss the roles teachers have not only on teaching the curriculum but on the students lives, mental health and all the other stuff teenagers have to endure. i was asked a few questions and i replied easily but i seemed to stumble along this one before Sam came to my rescue. i’ve pondered this for a long time, it’s come to me as a question i never new how to answer. But now, as i’ve moved out, i work full time and in a hierarchy i feel like i can answer.

So yes, my schooling wasn’t conventional. There were no detentions and i was on first name basis with all teachers, i took most of my year 12 in year 11 and spent year 12 between 3 classes and meetings and work and sport.

One. How do you know i didn’t have strict time management? I was taking three year 12 classes, school captain, sports captain, hockey captain, played school sport, played hockey outside of school 3 times a week, worked two jobs and managed an ATAR that many would be happy with. I didn’t make the ATAR score for the university course i would’ve liked, but now 8 months later i know i would’ve never enjoyed that course and spend my time instead improving myself in a practical way. I had a lot of freedom in my schooling in terms that if i was stressed i’d take a mental health day and take class from home, my teachers knew more that anything that life wasn’t easy for teenagers and every so often it was expected to break from routine.

Two. Who said i was going to be working in a corporate office? At the moment my goals revolve nothing around this. If i did then i’d be my normal bubbly self and instead of texting i’d email, and i’d figure things out. What if i wanted to own my own business, if i had kids? As of right now i’m travelling the world, working in a great company with people i absolutely adore, and wishing more than anything that i’d never settle.

Three. My job at the moment is a part of an international organisation with jobs, head office’s and millions of staff world wide. It’s the most complicated system to process and work with but i still manage, I text my boss or my regional when i need to, or just to catch up. I start earlier if i need to or arrange to stay late if its required.

You immediately assumed i wasn’t capable of living a corporate life, but who said i wanted that. Maybe in 10 or 20 years that may be me, i might be in an office behind a computer but i will still have learnt skills.

I’ve moved jobs, I work in a corporation, I have that job behind the desk with millions of emails and an office in which I love. It’s not a massive place, it’s three floors full of people I absolutely adore from accounts to design, wholesale to eCommerce; these people are my family. My office is located in an old Button Factory and before that an Inn with it’s own coach house, unconventional but that’s life. With high ceilings and wooden trusses, our office is white. It’s littered (read Decorated) with old fashion posters and magazines, with past campaign images and random store window left overs. It’s covered left to right with fabric samples and 1st fit clothes, antiques and knick knacks.

I’m a receptionist and do store support, and manage press and PR for 4 brands if that doesn’t involve time management then I don’t know what does. I text my boss all the time, throughout the day and on weekends, I even text my CEO because that’s the world we live in. We have whats-app groups for different events, different groups of people, we go out and we send ridiculous meme’s to each other.

I manage living alone, working full time, travelling, socialising and all the other little things with no problem. I spend minimum of one weekend a month out of the city, usually out of teh country breaking from home and experiencing new things. I ensure I go out to dinner one night a week, probably more especially if a show has been thrown in. I get paid minimum wage, definitely under living wage and am continuously scraping by and touching the savings but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy life and what i do.

So here’s to everything you thought i couldn’t achieve, i’m doing it and i’m doing it well.








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