Just write

I struggled for so long on what to write but then as I sat in my room at 2am I realised it doesn’t matter what I write but only that I write. Writing was my passion, and for so long it was all I would do. Nothing was important enough to drag my attention away, but then, I was working and I was cooking and I was so simply exhausted by the time I’d pull my notebook out, I’d simply just put it back away. I always wanted to be an author and as my imagination dwindled with school, it was blogging; except I never published any of my blogs. My blog became a cover for a journal of drafts and so I stopped. Maybe one day I’ll publish those blogs, show my change but for now they’ll stay there. A constant reminder to write about everything and nothing, to fear not peoples judgement but relish in your own happiness of your own happiness, and to know that life is what you make it.


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