Comfortable in your own skin

A part of the human condition is being somewhat alone, stuck in your own bubble of solitude. You can always try to label why you are a little bit empty; maybe it’s because the people you surround yourself with don’t know you well enough; maybe you simply can’t find ‘the person’ to enjoy your happiness with; or maybe, you are looking to find yourself, something you definitely cannot find in another person. As I’m stuck between all three of those aspects of loneliness I left, i packed up my world and left my comfort zone in search of something that could help me define myself and fulfil that ache. When travelling alone you spend a period of time in solitude, a time that can either be used as motivation and inspiration, or as a time for reflection. Truth is, my first night in London as i laid in bed, I was so ready to pack up and head home. I was too far out of my comfort zone, yearning for independence but in that i had never felt more alone. I guess I had never thought about the world without others, without my family and without my friends; it’s all i had ever known. But as you can realise i stuck it out, it’s been almost a week and already I feel more confident in myself and my abilities and theĀ testament of independence. As a child i used to pity those people who sat alone in busy restaurants, who didn’t have someone to discuss the food or their day with. I was vicariously self conscious. But now as i sit here by myself in a busy Italian restaurant in central London all alone i’ve never felt more reassured of myself. It’s liberating when you learn to find enjoyment and happiness in your own company.


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