A summer for me

it’s been a long time and I want to be apologetic, but in a sense I don’t. It’s been a whole summer to myself, one where I grew and matured. One where I forgot about what if previously loved and focused on finding new things to love. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing, I don’t think I could ever do that, however, it means I don’t need writing to reinforce or validate my happiness. I don’t need to write to you about my days and hope you think I’m doing the right thing. Now I write to keep memories, give my opinion and most of all to explore the depths of my mind. I used to love reading in my baths, and writing and being in utter silence. Now I like peaceful music and bathbombs and nothing but my own mind. I sit here now with the smell of fresh roses and lavender filling the room, the water slowly cooling and ed sheeran playing soft melodys in the back ground. But I do want to keep you updated because I want to evoke the passion I have for the world in someone else, I want someone sitting at home to buy a plane ticket and leave.
As of today, in 14 days I get on a plane to London, England; I have no jobs lined up or accomodation booked, I have two I concert tickets but that is all. I have a half packed suitcase which gets rearranged daily and a box of stuff which I know I can’t take.
My mums more nervous than I am and I’m okay with that. I wake up with butterfly’s in my stomach and dreams of new beginnings. I’ve left my romantic side behind (atleast im trying to) because I know life isn’t some love story and I want to enjoy it for what it is not what I hope.
So cheers to me, my new story, my new loves and my future


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