Bullying and Female disempowerment in one song.

Music: one of the most powerful ways to release emotions and provides an alternative way to speak your mind. However, weren’t we told as kids ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?’ Does that not still apply for every aspect of living, including music?

I’m not going to call Abigail Breslin untalented, because I have no right to say that when I have no talent either, however her ‘song’ You Suck, is the highlight of our societies oblivion to bullying. Many people have different views on what bullying actually is; Bullying is when an individual or group repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against an individual or a group to hurt, abuse, and harass them. In simple words, intentionally hurting someone and/or their feelings. All of us, at some point have been the victim of bullying, if it was the simple calling of names in the school yard, or being intentionally targeted by the aggressors in school sport. As a society, people are starting more and more to neglect the effects and the causes of bullying, with parents telling their kids to grow-up, instead of helping to resolve the issue, a society where it’s more important to look like the ‘cool kids’ than stand up for the little ones.

Abigail Breslin grew up in the spotlight, having been apart of a few highly rated movies throughout her childhood. What many people have failed to realise, is that this song, is bullying. straight out, direct, uncalled for bullying. “You Suck,” completely disregards any other aspect of this person, besides his looks and talents; what if he’s a nice guy? what if he doesn’t care about appearance and has a heart of gold?

“You really suck.”

“i’d rather date a rock”

“ You’re not a catch.”

“You’re just a dumbass.”

“Your band mates are hotter than you.”

Since when was it okay to insult peoples characteristics, looks and abilities?

All day I’ve seen comments how she’s just a new Taylor Swift, no, no she is not. Yes, T-Swizzle does channel her emotions about boys, and relationships but never once does she personally scrutinise based on looks, personal traits and talents. Taylor focuses on what went wrong, on both sides, acknowledging and emphasising that relationships are a two way street. Something Abigail fails to mention throughout her song.

Not only this but I don’t feel as if the human race actually understands what ‘Female Empowerment’ means. This song was stated to empower women to not deal with just any guy, and not to deal with cheating. However when you use the line “you sing like a girl” as a put down, as a derogatory remark towards all women, from a female, especially when this line should promote strength, power and ability within women, it removes these factors from the entire gender. Not, I repeat, it should Not be used as an insult to men, as a way to make men feel any less of who they are, or make women feel any less than who they are.

As a feminist, I aim for equality, I aim for the day where my daughter will be able to earn equal pay as my son, I aim for my daughter to be strong and do what she wants, play with barbies, play with toy trucks who cares. I also aim for my son to not be insulted or feel any less of who he is if he is told he is a girl, or acts like a girl. What girl are we talking about? Beyonce? I’d love it if my son was Queen B, pretty sure he would too.

The song unintentionally oppresses females, reiterating the lack of common knowledge of oppression within everyday society. It’s a common mistake, a saying that many of us say and have grown up being told. I played cricket so I “threw like a girl,” I complained I “whined like a girl,” I wanted to join in with the boys, I couldn’t because I was simply “a girl.” And then I grew up and as I learnt who I was, this petty, childish excuse to exclude me was still common phrase. As I started senior school, it was obvious within my own peers what was acceptable normality for a female to do. I apparently couldn’t drink beer because girls only drank cruisers, I apparently couldn’t hookup with as many guys as I wanted because that would label me a slut when a boy could do it and become the coolest kid in school, it was constantly about what I should and shouldn’t have done. However, I’m not one for confines; I would drink my beer if I felt like it, drink cider, or wine, or spirits, or cruisers; I could drink whatever I wanted and no label or gender-code would stop me.

So to Abigail Breslin, whoever wrote this song, who supports this song, who bought this song; you are all promoting bullying and female disempowerment, think about that for a moment.


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