A generation where its socially accepted to be unsocial

Culture is one of those things, it’s constantly changing and there’s not much we can so about it. There’s this constantly connected culture I call it CCC where everyone and anyone is communicating with others without saying a word.
I’ve grown up in a world where when you want to disconnect from this world you actually isolate yourself from everyone. There’s days where I’m so sick of sound so I take my earphones out and I’m sick of talking to people over text when I know we’ll just repeat this when I see them next. I get on public transport and all I see is technology, such little things that people are so dependent on, there’s no one talking, sometimes there’s a group of friends who say a few words when they briefly look up from their phones.
We can’t walk down the street these days without getting our phone out pretending to text someone and then walk back the way we came. We can’t acknowledge that we aren’t always right so we have to google it before making assumptions. There’s no escape from this reliability on technology. When I go to restaurants now there’s no kids colouring or running around playing games the parent have simply handed them an iPad and told them to be quiet, relying on the technology to provide entertainment for the children and not allowing themselves to do that.

I went travelling over summer with a school group to Guatemala, a under developed country in Central America. We lived in a small rural village for 12 days building a school, there was the bare minimum of electricity around, no internet, no phone service and no connection to anyone outside our group and the village. And we survived, the girls I shared a dorm with became my family I learnt to depend on them. We were eachothers best friends, we spent night spilling secrets, telling funny stories, laughing at how silly we looked and doing the simple things like playing eyespy. It didn’t make us any less of people is feel like we missed out on a lifetime of stuff happening back home because those stories would still be there when we got home. But the children there were so happy and enjoying every part that life had to offer, they played with their friends and helped their family and that’s all that they needed.
I’m not saying being socially connected is a bad thing hell I spend half the night texting or facetiming my friends in England or catching up on what people I don’t see regularly are doing but there’s a fine line between keeping up to date and unable to function in working society without being socially connected at all times.
I’m a highschooler, I know how teenagers so easily escape away into this world that makes reality seem like such a chore. I get to class and sometimes I’ll just grab my phone and start scrolling twitter or Facebook because I was bored but that’s wrong. It’s completely and utterly wrong. Not only is it rude and hindering my learning but it’s also hindering my experience of actually socialising and conversing with real people. I know people that only text and hate when they have to call and make an appointment because ether just don’t know how to do it.
The question is not how are we going to stop this or how long it’ll last but how do we enlighten everyone of the basics of happiness and allow people to work these things out themselves. Do we really want to raise a generation that is completely dependent on monetary material items, raise them into a world where they don’t speak, where they spend all free time mesmerised by a screen?


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