Why I won’t call it a ‘gap’

I don't want to classify my time in London so simply as a 'gap' in my life because it is everything but. It's the glue that has allowed me to grow, excel, learn, travel and experience an array of cultures that aren't prominent in Australia. People constantly ask me what i'm doing with my life, what i'm planning to do; if i will stay in London or if i will move home.


why do I travel?

The question of the day; why do I love to travel? I could give the totally honest but typical answer that it allows be to experience and learn about the culture and history of a new place. Which understandably is completely true, i'm a history nerd, I love learning the history of the places I... Continue Reading →

Hello Darlings

Hello Darlings, It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that wasn’t a messy travel journal in between adventures, which were probably missing most of the details. Life had been crazy, wonderful, busy and enchanting. The past 2 years away from Australia was so much more than I could ever expect.  Unlike what many... Continue Reading →

petrichor; The Smell Of Rain

For years I've told people that I could smell rain before it rained, in school my friends used to laugh and assumed I'd checked the weather that morning. I was always late for class and definitely didn't have a spare few minutes to check the weather. My mother always agreed that she could smell the... Continue Reading →

Experience vs University

I'm back and bring with me one of the classic debates of our time; whats more important, University or experience (life or field). Growing up I always saw university as being the most important aspect in becoming adult, that without a degree you can't make it anywhere.This was not an ideal passed on to me,... Continue Reading →

Being an Adult…

I’m an adult but I’m not a fully functioning adult, and yes that’s a thing. Growing up all I wanted to be was an adult, apparently the 10-17 year old me found my life too difficult and I couldn’t wait till I was an adult; being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.... Continue Reading →

2016… new digit, same me.

Okay I promise this isn't going to be one of those 'New Year New Me' post's, but the last three weeks travelling i've had a lot of time on planes, buses and trains to think. I don't set New Years Resolutions, I find them to be dull, demotivating and a mockery of what the new... Continue Reading →


I'd admire the people that are constantly saying goodbye to their loved ones. Whether they travel/leave for work, leisure, education or adventure it still takes great courage to face the people that truely care about you and not know when you'll see them again. I understand it can be selfish because you're not the only... Continue Reading →


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